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Attention aux "Vanity galleries" (anglais)

If you receive offers or invitations to participate in any for-profit exhibitions, galleries, publications, websites, contests or competitions where you have to pay to be included (or even offers where you don't pay but rather have to invest time, labor, art and incidental expenses), first read the article Art Contests, Competitions, Shows and More Where You Pay Up Front... Will They Get You Anywhere? Then thoroughly research any such offer-- BEFORE you pay or before agree to participate-- and evaluate it on its own merits. The article explains how to do this research right. No matter how marvelous an opportunity sounds, whether you have to qualify to participate or just pay the fees-- get the facts, get informed and then make your decision. Get those facts not only from the entities offering the opportunities, but more importantly, from past participants and unbiased third party sources not directly connected to or involved with the offers, but who are familiar with them. You want to be reasonably sure that you'll see positive results from your participation, particularly in terms of return on investment, BEFORE signing on.

Artists often find out about these offers through various forms of advertising, particularly mass emailings. The more agressive senders constantly barrage artists with emails, regularly come up with new offers and opportunities, sometimes offer prizes and awards, and may even apply pressure on artists to participate. Costs to enter or participate can range anywhere from under $100 to thousands of dollars, especially if you factor in incidental expenses like shipping, travel, insurance or accommodations that may be involved. Whatever the circumstance, make sure you are aware of all costs and potential benefits or drawbacks in advance. Does everyone benefit... including you? That's the key question.

For those who may be interested in these types of offers, here is a partial list (by no means complete) of publications, venues and other circumstances where artists pay to expose their art. But the main point here is that WHENEVER you are presented with any offer to pay to show your art under any circumstances, whether you find the name on this list or not, no matter where that offer originates, fully research it-- BEFORE you pay-- in order to understand exactly what you're getting for your money. Once you've done your due diligence, if an offer or opportunity seems worthwhile, go for it. If not, then it may be best to wait. Get educated, get informed and then make the decision that's right for you.


* All About Photo, all-about-photo.com (constant stream of emails announcing new and ongoing open calls for various vaguely themed shows, competitions, awards, etc.) All About Photo Awards 2019, Colors, Travels, Shapes, Faces, Mirrors of the Mind, Light, Water, Black and White, The Tipping Point, The Mind's Eye
* American Art Collector published by Alcove Books
* Art Addiction, Photo Planet, 3rd Media Art Biennial (MAB3, media 3.art biennial), World of Art Magazine, WOA, Creative Genius, Art in Vogue, Art Connoisseurs, Art Connoisseur - 100 Contemporary Artists, Female Artist's Art Annual, Artist's World - 100 Contemporary Artists, Nude de Nude online art annual, Bibliophile Limited Edition art book, 21st Century Jewish Artists Connecting Art, ART BOX, swimming pool- 100 contemporary art profiles, World of Contemporary Jewish Artists, ART UNLIMITED, New 100 Contemporary Artists, ARS FEMINA, Illustrated Collectors Guide
* Art & Beyond Publications (online Magazine)
* Art-Competition, Gallery 25N, Studio 25N LLC, G25N, Art Market News, art-competition.net, internationalartistdirectory.com, drawingandpaintinglessons.com, art-competition.online, photo-contest.online, photo-competition.online, photo-contest.online, artcalls.online, Artist Website Pro, artistwebsitepro.com, artmarketnews.net (constant stream of emails announcing new and ongoing open calls for various vaguely themed shows, competitions, etc. At times running multiple calls from multiple websites simultaneously.) - Local Views, Art Contests for Students and Beginners, Winter Imagination, Photo Competition Online, Portraits, Animal Life, Light of Day, Moment in Time, Open 2018, International Artist Directory, The Human Condition, Inspired by Nature, Red, Shades of Green, Seeing Blue, Blue, Emotion and Energy of Color; Nature, Land & Seascapes; Cultural Diversity; Scapes III; The Human Form; Drawing; Semi-Annual Open II; Abstract II; Pets We Love; Light & Shadow (photography); Landscapes; Flowers of Spring; Pure Abstraction; Dreams; Faces of Humanity; Semi-Annual Open Group Exhibit; The Figure Revealed; Still Life; Still Life II; Mind Spirit & Emotion; Emotion & Energy of Color; Emotion & Energy of Color, I, II & 3; Seeing The Land - Landscape Photography; Animals - Wild or Domestic; All Watercolors; Flowers, Plants & Gardens; Black & White (photography)
* 1340Gallery (also 1340 Gallery, 1340gallery.com, @1340art, 1340art International Art Magazine, 1340art.com)
* Art-Exchange.com
* Art Storefronts (artstorefronts.com)
* Artavita (.com)
* ARTERY (arterynyc.com)
* Artists Info (artistsinfo.co.uk Global Art Directory)
* artmarketpublications.net (related offerings: Art Market Publications, Art Nation Worldwide, artnationgallery.com, artnationww.com )
* ARTslant Prize
* Artspecifier (related offerings: Art Specifier, Photospecifier, Photo Specifier)
* Artist Portfolio Magazine (related offerings: MyArtContest.com)
* ArtNetwork (ArtNetwork Press)
* Artreion International
* Arttour International (ATIM Masters Awards, ATIM Top 60 Masters Of Contemporary Art)
* arttravelguide.info
* artweek (.com) - lists a number of fee-based exhibitions and calls for artists, among other art world coverage
* ARTWORKinternational Inc.
* Best of Artists (related offerings: Kennedy Publishing, Visual Art Guide, Best of Worldwide Landscape Artists, Best of Worldwide Portrait & Figurative Artists, Best of Worldwide Abstract and Still Life Artists, Best of Worldwide Wildlife & Animal Artists)
* Contemporary Art Curator Magazine (Contemporary Art Curator Artist Directory, contemporaryartcurator.com)
* FOCUS photo l.a. (focusphotola.com)
* Everythingisart.cc Magazine (related offerings: EIA Magazine, everythingisart.us, eiamagazine.com)
* The Gala Awards: www.thegalaawards.co.uk (related offerings: Julia Margaret Cameron Award, Jacob Riis Editorial and Documentary Award, Charles Dodgson Black & White Award, Pollux Awards, Berlin Foto Biennale, The Biennial's Grant, Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography)
* The Genius of Art (Genio dell'Arte): www.ilcuratore.it
* Inspiration- International Art Book: www.inspirationartbook.us, www.inspirationartbook.net, www.inspirationartbook.com
* International Prize Canaletto - Artistic Career Award
* International Contemporary Artists (ICA Publishing)
* LarkGallery Online
* Manu Sol Publications
* Masters of Today (Contemporary Jewish Art, ART UNLIMITED 100 Contemporary Artists, Collective Art Book Series at World of Art, MUSEUM - 100 Contemporary Art Showcase, MUSEUM - Artists Showcase, mastersoftoday.com)
* Modern Art Community (Featured Artists Volume III, modernartcom dot com)
* The New Collectors Book
* See | Me (see.me)-- formerly Artists Wanted (related offerings: Art Takes Miami, Creatives Rising, The Power of Self, Art Takes London, 3rd Ward Open Call, Art Interview Online Magazine, One Life - An International Photography Competition, Art Takes Miami, 3rd annual photography competition - EXPOSURE, SELF 2012, One Life International Photography Competition)
* Show Artists (.com) International Art Competitions
* Continual stream of offers in Russian from many different email addresses and websites, none with any follow-up, all appearing to use the same basic format and templates, at times illustrated with images that appear to have been "borrowed" from various other people's websites. Websites and offers include worldartrussia.com, izoacademy.ru, russiacup.ru, russianartawards.com, artbiennale.com, Art Fair in Greece, russianartawards.ru, Art Week in China, Russian Art Awards, nationalartweek.com, nextartfair.ru, artrussia.site, fundforkids.ru, Russian Art Week, artfestivals.ru, artforum.su, artweek.ru, artweek.su, arttoday.club, artmuseums.ru, artweeks.ru, moscowartweek.com, moscowartweek.ru, artfestival.moscow, Artweek Italy, Art Week in Italy and Cyprus, Talant (Talent) Art Festival, talentfestival.ru, Love Art Festival, loveartfestival.ru, Euroartweek, Art Love International Festival of Erotic Arts, Abstraction Arts Festival, Art Portret Festival, portretfestival.com, abstractartfestival.com, artlovefestival.eu, artlovefestival.com, nextartforum.com, nextart.biz , nextart.online , nextarts.info , Art Festival, Izo Art Festival, izofestival.ru, unionarts.ru, artweek.eu, Art Assembly Festival, Art Poetry Festival, Zoo Arts Exhibition, Festival of Abstraction Arts, Art Geography Award, Art Geo Award, euroartforum.com, euroartforum.eu, Art Ankara, Aqua Arts Festival, Visionary Art Award, Fedors Filkovs, artweek.org.uk, italianartweek.com, Art Portrait Festival, Art Portrait Awards, europeanartunion.com, euroartunion.eu, artcommune.ru, Fashion Festival, Art Week International, Kazan Art Week, tartarstanartweek.ru, artassembly.com, artopenair.com, and more.)
* Tagsmart (tagsmart.com)
* VIDA & Co. (shopvida.com)
* VIFAF - Vifaf Virtual International Art Fair
* Working Artist Org.
* World Art Vision (related offerings: Open Art Code)
 * World Wide Art Books (continual emails of various offerings for contests, art book inclusions, being in group booths at art fairs) - wwab.us, artavita.com, Current Masters, International Contemporary Masters, Important World Artists, International Masters of Photography, Artavita Contemporary Master Award, Artavita, Online Art Contest, WorldWide Art LA, World Wide Art Los Angeles)


* A. Jain Marunouchi Gallery (related offerings: Ashok Jain Gallery)
* Agora Gallery (related offerings: Chelsea International Fine Art Competition)
* ARTIFACT (Artifact NYC, Art UpCLOSE)
* Amsterdam Whitney Gallery
* Art Nation Gallery (Art Nation Worldwide)
* Art Takes Manhattan
 * ArtCertificate (International Contemporary Artists Catalog)

* Baboo Imaging Graphics (Baboo Gallery)
* Contemporary Art Network (CAN)
* Creative Concept Inc
* Ico (aka Icosahedron) Gallery
* Gallery 104, NYA Gallery (gallery104.com, newyorkart.com related to lagunaart.com)
* New Art Center
* NY Art Marathon
* Platform Art Fair
 * World Art Media (related offerings: NY Arts Magazine, APW Gallery, Arts Hotline, Art Fairs Newspaper, Annual Artists' Web Directory, Beijing Arts Space, NY Arts Beijing, The Broadway Gallery NYC, Art Fairs International)


* Art LA (.com)
* Gallery Godo, Glendale, CA
* Global Art Foundation dot com (related offerings: 1st Annual Fine Art Competition and Exhibition, The Face Award, First Annual Fine Art Exposition, ArtPeople)
* James Gray Gallery (related offerings: Art LA)
* NorbertEllen Gallery
* World Art Foundation (related offerings: Umbrella Publishing, Jojo Marengo)
 * Laguna Art Gallery (lagunaart.com related to gallery104.com and newyorkart.com)

 * Galiara, San Francisco, CA (formerly The Artists' Alley, also known as Gallery 4N5)


* Aldo Castillo Projects (ArtSpot Miami)
* Art Fusion Galleries, Miami FL
* Artists Haven Gallery, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (related offerings: Artblend)
 * Miami Solo, Miami FL


* American Art Awards
* Art Show Productions, Rochester & Pittsford, NY (related offerings: Artisan Direct, ARTISANworks, Artisan Direct, Ltd., Spectrum Miami solicited by Jayson, Artist Showcase Magazine)
* Art With a Heart, An inclusive Gallery, Seattle, WA
* Artist Advocate Magazine (related offerings: American Forum for Realism, Plein Air Convention)
* Conception Art Show (conceptionarts.com, conceptionevents.com)
* Artvoices Magazine - Untitled Projects (untitledartprojects.com)
* RAW - Natural Born Artists, rawartists.org
* T.I.N.A. Prize (TINA Prize, Convocatoria RADAR, convocatoriaradar.es, Convocatoria Para Artistas, radarmexico.com, This is Not an Art Prize)
 * Xanadu Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ (related offerings: Art Catalogue)


* 3C Gallery, Montreal, Canada
* Gallery Gora, Montreal, Canada
 * Queen Gallery, Toronto, ON


* The Brick Lane Gallery
* Camden Art Gallery (related offerings: Galerie 64 Atelier)
* La Galleria
* Parallax Art Fair
* Printspace Gallery
 * Whitepeaks Fine Art


* Salons Artoulouse Expo (related offerings: Art Sommieres)

* ArtworkX of Mann
* EAGL Gallery, Berlin (related offerings: quadriArt)
* First International Italian Biennale of Creativity
* Florence Biennale
* Global Art Agency aka GAA Publishing (related offerings: The Rich List Art Weekend, therichlistartweekend.com, Singapore Art Week, Middle East Art Collectors Book, Art Al Ain, artalain.ae, Middle East Art Collector Association, artcollector.ae, globalartagency.com, theglobalartawards.com, Global Art Awards, The Miami Art Expo 2015, Tokyo International Art Fair, Vienna Showcase, Amsterdam Showcase, Barcelona Showcase, Oxford International Art Fair, Rotterdam International Art Fair, Contemporary Art of Excellence, Investable Artists 2016, BCN Art 2014 Barcelona International Art Fair)
* IUGTE, Austria
* Marziart Internationale Galerie (Hamburg, Germany)
* PAKS Gallery (related offering: MAMAG Modern Art Museum and Gallery GmbH)
* Palm Art Award
* Paris O15 - Carrousel du Louvre
 * Primo Piano LivinGallery, Italy


* Brisbane Art Prize (Life Art Worldwide Art Expo Spectacular)
 * New Art Awards (Temporary Gallery)


If you have any additions or corrections, please email artbusiness@artbusiness.com


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